It's been a whirlwind year of music, and such a joy after those two years when we couldn't play indoor gigs or do much of anything together. I want to list a few things for which I have enormous gratitude.

  • Throughout the lockdown, choro companions and I continued to meet in a park by my house and play for the public and ourselves. We even found several new choro enthusiasts and so our circle came through the pandemic stronger than ever.
  • 10-string bandolinist Ian Coury came into my life and we clicked. Over 14 months we've played almost 30 shows and continue to develop new material. (Watch out for an album in 2023!)
  • I'm grateful to have been able to travel again. It was a joy to return to Brasil, to reconnect with friends and the wonderful musicians that I have missed making music with. I especially thank Daniela Spielmann, Sheila Zagury, Silverio Pontes, and Franco Galvão for making the gigs happen!
  • I was able continue to teach throughout the pandemic, and the Zoom years had a huge silver lining: that I reach more people now by teaching online. I have a wonderful new crop of cello students and piano students, and it's so invigorating to work with them.
  • I have grieved for Eduardo Ferreira and David Rumpler—two friends and great souls in Brazilian music. I mourn all the lives taken by Covid, and the pain endured by their families.
  • Life is so precious—this was never so clear to me! I resolve to make only the best music, work with the kindest people, and strive always to bring more beauty into the world. 

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