Ian Coury & Catherine Bent duo

Chorinhos are cheery, tidy, charming love poems in their native Brazil. Catherine Bent and Ian Coury deftly captured the precise grace and delicate humor in beautifully crafted, genially executed chorinhos — classic and original — at Club Passim in April 2023. Look forward to fresh recordings and more lively performances by this dynamic, copacetic duo.” - Fred Bouchard, New York City Jazz Record/Downbeat Magazine

Ian Coury (Berklee student) is an award-winning 10-string bandolim (mandolin) player and composer from Brazil who has shared stages with Brazilian legends like Toninho Horta and Hamilton de Holanda. English-born cellist Catherine Bent (Berklee faculty), an alumna of Cirque du Soleil, has performed and recorded with Joe Jackson, Lee Konitz, and others in many genres. She tours in Brazil with top artists and has earned a reputation as the leading cellist in choro. 

Catherine Bent's brilliant technique for playing the cello replaces the guitar and percussion in the choro ensemble. Ian brings by turns fireworks and soulfulness. Pioneers and experts in choro, they are a joy to watch: spontaneous, virtuosic, and deeply grooving.

Booking enquiries for concerts and workshops: info@catherinebent.com