Studio and Remote Recording

Catherine has extensive experience as a studio cellist and can be hired for recording projects in your studio. Catherine also can send high quality audio files from her home studio to your DAW session. Studio gear: Focusrite Claret, Apogee Duet, AKG XLII microphones and more.

Arranging and Orchestration

Catherine has created orchestral and string arrangements for many records. You can hire her to write string or horn parts for your recording, for transcribing a recording, or to create arrangements.

Private Instruction in Cello

Besides her teaching at Berklee College of Music, in Ear Training, Harmony, Arranging, and Strings, Catherine teaches individual lessons, in person and by Zoom/Skype/Facetime. Catherine teaches foundational classical cello technique and extended techniques in diverse applications from classical repertoire to groove playing and improvisation.

Performance and Audition Coaching

Catherine can help you prepare for your Berklee audition or a performance. Catherine takes a holistic approach to mind and body in practice and on stage, integrating freedom and efficiency of movement with a calm mind and positive focus.