Ideal is released today!

My love letter to Brazil—it's been a long time coming—is finally live today! It feels like any other perfect spring day in Boston, but in my heart I feel joyful that I was able to make this piece of art. I had the help of many friends, the wonderful musicians who play on the record, and those who sang at the end as my virtual airplane lifted off from Antonio Carlos Jobim airport. I send my love to all.

As much as this record is a tribute to Brazil and its traditions, I aimed to also make it an honest document of myself. My roots and all the significant places on my musical journey, my tidyness and my mess, my humor and my rebelliousness, they are all represented and I hope that you'll respond with some recognition, some new insights, and some joy. If it makes you smile and makes you dance, I will have been successful.

Welcome to this real world, "Ideal", and I hope you'll make it just a tiny bit of a better place!

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