07.14.14On the eve of going to Rio...

It's been a great summer so far! I played with the Clube de Choro in London, saw all my family, learned about football from my nephew and taught my niece her first choro. I also made two records!! Stay tuned for the release dates of the debut albums from "The Why" and "Elis Roseira and Catherine Bent". Show us your love here: https://www.facebook.com/elisroseiracatherinebent. Beijos e abraços!

03.03.14Time to spring forward?

Yesterday I was grateful because it was 33 degrees F...a potent reminder that everything is a matter of perspective. We retreat when we feel tired and depleted; we tackle a new goal when we feel energized and restless, and we remember that these things will continue to ebb and flow. When I find myself getting too introspective about such things I remind myself to go and play!

09.06.13still resonating from Rio

This year I spent two months in Rio, deepening friendships, making new connections, dancing forró, and above all playing music. I feel so privileged not only to play with some of Brazil's great musical artists, but to consider them friends. The way people opened their hearts to me was a tremendous gift. To name just a few of these special people: Paulo Sá, Pedro Aragão, Tomaz Retz, Beatriz Stutz, Ronaldo Souza, Rui Alvim, Pedro Aune, Gabriel Geszti, João Ferraz, Marcus Tannuri, Rodrigo Lessa, Mauricio Carrilho .... you and all the people i played with have made my life richer.

10.20.12Saudades do Rio

August was a month of wonder - There were rodas of all shapes and sizes, recording sessions, feasts and concerts and canjas and radio appearances, including (to my amazement) interviews in Portuguese. I made many friends, and wherever words failed, music sustained us. There's no doubt in my mind that I'll go back, for longer, and to go deeper still. Beijos to all those who made me so welcome. Saudades de vôces.

08.23.11Heading to Maine

This is the second year I have done a summer residency in Georgetown, ME. This time, I'm bringing my new group, the Midnight Sun Quartet, to play music for a week in a beautiful house on the coast, and present a concert of originals and arrangements of music from all over the world. If you're in the area, or just looking for an excuse to head north for cooler weather, come and check it out! Admission is free but reservations are advised (last year we were completely at capacity) georgetownhistorlcal@gmail.com. I'm also looking forward to some of the best lobster and fried clams . . .I've been dreaming about it for a year!

01.20.11Happy New Year!

I'm excited for the Spring Semester at Berklee, to get to know more of my colleagues as time goes on, and 73 new students in short order! I'm hoping the slush will clear soon so I can get there efficiently by bike, and not rely on the sluggish buses. Other than that, and two sets of flight cancellations over the holiday, the New England winter has been delightful. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!

07.11.10I've been hired by Berklee!

I'm really delighted to say that, starting in September, I will be Assistant Professor of Ear Training and Cello at Berklee College of Music. It's been something I've wanted to do for quite some time and I'm really looking forward to joining this community.

07.04.10J WAY -- Music of the Americas residency

J WAY vacay . . . . . I'm taking the string quartet up to Maine for a week's residency on the coast in Georgetown. It's going to be great to have a whole week to play and work on ideas. . . and swim and eat lobstah. We'll cap the week with a concert at the Georgetown Historical Society and possibly there will be an NPR appearance.

We'll be presenting a spicy program of American music with influences from Europe and Africa. Villa Lobos' String Quartet no. 6, Piazzolla's Tango-Ballet, a trio of choro arrangements by me, a bouquet of tangos, and various Latin Rhythms as interpreted by Cole Porter, Duke Ellington and George Gershwin.

02.13.10Feb 28 Haiti Fund-Raiser at the Western Front!

Come and listen to great music, open your hearts wide and help make this event a success! Produced by Marvin Gilmore and Helen Sherrah-Davies, this concert and all its proceeds will benefit people struggling to survive in Haiti. Artists : Merrick Family Spirit Lake Dakota Sioux, Aika, Leah Gough-Cooper's Human Equivalent, Jorrit Dijkstra Sax Trio, and J-WAY. $15 minimum donation.


Where does the time go?? Well, quite a lot of mine has been poured into my new quartet: Choros com Chocolate. Click on the Choro tab to hear two incarnations of it, the first from May and the latest from our December show at Ryles. What a great band! I'm lucky to have found Jared Sims, Jason Davis and Brian O'Neill to be my accomplices in bringing more beauty and groove into the world.

Discovering this music was a turning point in my life. At the heart of Choro music live the forms and harmonies of classical European dance and chamber music, taken to the streets and the praia to run barefoot. To this popular 20th century Brazilian tradition, Choros com Chocolate brings an extra measure of urban grit and a fresh instrumentation. And what in the world could make Catherine happier than improvised chamber music? Please listen and tell me what you think.


I'm very proud to have achieved my goal of a Masters in Jazz. Now, i'm taking stock of my new skills and the challenges they suggest. I've booked gigs in Boston and a gig in New York, and I continue to find wonderful musicians to bring new life into my music. All you musicians know how HARD it is to keep a band working. . . . you gotta really believe in it.

05.07.09MUCH LOVE TO ALL who came to my Masters Recital!

It was an ambitious program (2+ hours of my own compositions and arrangements) and under-rehearsed as these things always are, but i was terribly proud of my 9 musicians, who all delivered, and helped me do the same.

I'm still quite high from the experience, and the happiness of seeing so many dear faces in the house, as well as quite a few curious strangers. Looking forward to meeting you also!

As soon as i figure out how to edit my video, and attach the pro audio recording i will post some tracks.

Thanks again for your support! Please feel free to leave your comments.

12.17.08New Compositions. . .

Hi Everyone! I've had a very fruitful fall and have written and recorded new music. I invite you to check out "I Shouldn't Care", "Thanks But No Thanks" and "Star of Lydia" by clicking "hear" in the menu.

These tracks were recorded and engineered by the awesomely sensitive and talented Peter Kontrimas. My band consists of some of Boston's finest young musicians: Manami Morita on piano, Aaron Kruziki on alto and flute, Kendall Eddy on bass and Austin McMahon on drums. What a treat to play with them, thanks guys!!

Wishing everyone happy holidays and peace in 2009.

09.23.08Happy Fall!

I've had some wonderful jazz gigs, played chamber music and tango and other sounds on the axis in between. I'm recording cello tracks for the wonderful Juliette Tourret in Paris - from the Sweet Spot Studio of course - and life has a crisp bite to it, just like i like. . . . .

09.09.08Site Launch!

Welcome to my new website! Thank you for visiting and you are also welcome to click on the links to see my other sites SweetSpotStrings.com and AxisEnsemble.net.