01.05.10Kelly Angle

Catherine....I just found out today that you played on a tune of mine through Christian Howes. It was called \'Time\'. I thought you did an excellent job, I just looked over what I could find about you, keep up the good work,
Kelly Angle

11.15.09Michael Carroll


GORGEOUS playing !!!


11.15.09Michael Carroll

Catherine ,
i'm a songwriter/producer and i've been recording at MIX ONE with Ted Paduck since 1997 ...
He recommended you to me ...
i'm looking for a cellist to do a couple of sessions for me ...
wondering what you would charge at your studio as opposed to coming over to Mix One sometime when you're in town ...

looking forward to hearing from you ,

11.04.09mark abis

Hi Catherine,
Could I interest you in recording some stings on a song?


11.02.09Jimmy Parr

Hey Catherine
It's Jimmy from Martha's Vineyard
Great site! Amazing playing....

774 212 0903

09.23.09Britt Sawdon

Hi Catherine! I left you a phone message the other day after getting your name from Mike Connors, who is playing drums for my first recording and whom I've been lucky to work with on some other occasions. I'm looking for a cello part on 2 songs... I have a vague idea in mind but no specific arrangement. I would love to know if you have the time and what you might charge for doing a recording session? thanks so much, and my phone is 508-981-6739 if it's easier! Take care, Britt

05.12.09 a.penman@verizon.net

Hi Catherine,
It was great to meet you a few weeks ago. I've listened to lots of your work on the website-- beautiful and interesting!
Sending best and hoping to be in touch soon,
Ava and Lewis

01.15.09Caroline Bent

Always interested in everything you do!

01.10.09Sarah Wineland

I am interested in taking cello lessons. I've just moved to Boston for grad school and would love to take up a new instrument. I play piano and so am able to read music already. What are the details and pricing?

Thanks a lot!


10.27.08bridgit strodder

hi, I have a 11 year old daughter interested in playing the piano.

Brooke has some experience. She started on the cello first. Sounds

like a good match. please call or email me, thanks.

617 298 7001


Hello Catherine,

I am looking for a cello teacher for my 7 y.o. son. Do you accept we students?
Thank you

09.25.08Jeannie Markowitz

I am interested in cello lessons .... have played on and off (mostly off) for several years. My last lesson was three years ago, so I need to start making progress again! My goal is partly to play with the Longwood Symphony someday, but really it is just to have fun and enjoy music. My last teacher was Erin Ryan in Philly, not sure if you know her, but I liked her very non-stuffy approach. :)

09.24.08Enna Grazier

I am interested in beginning cello lessons for an adult. Can you please let me know if you have openings in your schedule, and a bit more about your lessons?

09.07.08keith koenigsberg

-republicans make me mad.


ahhhh, it's working. I checked under Guestbook. Anyway cool site. See you soon. Anna